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Posted by MrActivated on 01/04/2021

Beginner meditation

This is a simple beginner's meditation to get started on your meditation journey. The idea is to go in without expectation and judgment. Have an open mind and don't resist the thoughts. Instead interrupt the train of thoughts and come back to the present moment.   

Thoughts will come back and take your attention away which is quite normal. Consciously bring the attention back to the present moment. It's training the monkey mind to come back is the power of meditation.        

Most of us are focused on external gratification and we are fighting our strongest internal enemies. These enemies include excessive negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, fear and depression, which are continuously making us weak. It’s time we start winning internally and achieve our full potential. Live life without fear and with purpose.

Each one of us are born with superhuman capabilities which are lost over time due to our lifestyle. You can still awaken those powers by following my 5 branch formula today. 

Heal the breath and heal the body and the mind. There is amazing science behind breathing and how we can influence our PH levels, increase red blood cells and really change our physiology for good. 

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