Posted by Wallace Yap on 01/05/2021

20 Mins - Light Gentle Raining Sounds for Meditation & Relaxation - Stress Relief

Rain is a somewhat mysterious thing. It has an extremely comforting effect on people, and that's why rain sounds have become so popular.  Nature has long been a refuge for people who are stressed out and need some relaxation. The creation of nature sound audios, such as rain, have made it possible to get this relaxation anywhere and anytime you need it. Listening to the sounds of nature can be a wonderful and therapeutic experience. Just pausing to take notice of the song of birds or the falling of gentle summer rain can instantly slow the mind and body down, and create an effortless feeling of well-being and relaxation. Raining sounds proved to be a effective way as you practicing meditation. 2 hours light gentle rain sounds #RainingSound #NaturalSound #DeepSleepSound #RelaxationSound #StressReliefSound

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