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W&J Lab Balance Scale


1high quality 500g 600g 0.001g digital lab weighing scale 1mg

1. House: Robust ABS, Glass Windbreak

2. Interface: Rs232C (connect with Printer or PC)

3. LCD With Backlight

4. More functions about high quality lab balance scale: Counting, Full Range Tare, Over-Load Protection, Zero Tracking, Automatic Turn-Off, Low Power Indicator

5. Value stable time: 2 s

6. Power: 100-240V/ 50HZ-60HZ

7. Packing: 390×380×320mm/carton

W&J Lab Balance Scale Features:

WA-Y Series



External Calibration


100 g, 200 g, 300g, 400g, 500g, 600g


0.001 g


0.002 g

Weighing Units

g, lb, oz, ct


%, counting, below balance weighing

Pan Size

Ø 80 mm

Overall Dimensions

285×180×260 mm)


Rechargeable Battery, In-use Dust Cover, RS-232 Cable Connection, Printer

We are weighing scale supplier

Precautions for lab balance scale:

1. Fully preheat the electronic balance.

The internal temperature of the lab balance scale can only be kept relatively stable after it has been fully warmed up

(general information describes warming up for 30 minutes, it is recommended to press the power button to turn off the power, but do not unplug the power supply).

This is the first step to ensure accurate weighing results.

2. Calibrate the W&J electronic balance.

Any electronic balance is inaccurate if it is not calibrated. In order to eliminate the influence of environmental factors, although the balance does not move,

the balance should be calibrated frequently. Conditionally, it should be calibrated every time it is used.

In general, calibration is an important part of ensuring accurate weighing.

3. Keep the lab balance scale level and good weighing habits.

Handle gently, close the balance draft door at any time, keep the balance clean, etc.

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