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Posted by LayerFive on 06/08/2021 in Business

Unified Consumer Data Platform | LayerFive


LayerFive Unified Consumer Data Platform Includes:

The Unified view of the Customer Data Platform resolves known and anonymous consumer identifiers across all enterprise data sources, marketing channels and devices.
A unified consumer profile that serves for improving marketing ROI and for managing GDPR/CCPA privacy compliance.
Deep consumer journey analytics by integrating all consumer interactions from enterprise website, app, customer service, loyalty and other systems.
A platform that enables omni-channel attribution, and first-party data-based consumer marketing activities that improves marketing ROI by multiple X.
A platform to enable privacy compliance and comply with existing regulations e.g., GDPR and CCPA as well as upcoming regulations.

Request a Demo Now - https://www.layerfive.com/product/layerfive-unified-consumer-data-platform/

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