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Tooth Extractions


There are several reasons tooth extraction may be necessary. These could be due to tooth decay beyond restoration, extremely crooked or worn down teeth, and problematic or impacted wisdom teeth.

Tooth extraction may be necessary due to tooth decay, crooked or worn down teeth, and problematic or impacted wisdom teeth.

Why tooth extraction is recommended?

In instances when the tooth structure is badly destroyed by decay, defective restoration, by extra teeth blocking other teeth from coming out, or in preparation for orthodontic treatment, extraction may be advisable.

Wisdom Teeth and Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Partial eruption or complete impaction of the wisdom teeth usually happens when there is lack of space in the mouth or the teeth are not in an upright position. Impacted teeth fail to emerge at the exact position and become trapped in the jawbone and gums. This can lead to unexpected pain and may result in infections.

A careful review of your dental history and X-rays allows us to determine the condition of impacted wisdom teeth. After a thorough examination, if wisdom teeth are found to be problematic, an early extraction may be suggested to avoid further problems.

Extraction procedures may create minor pain, swelling and bleeding. And we may prescribe antibiotic treatment to control infection, swelling and discomfort. We also provide you with instructions and tips on how to take care of yourself at home.

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