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Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening is a popular, on-demand cosmetic treatment offered by your cosmetic dentist in Queens. It’s a simple process that can bring you significant satisfaction. Whether you want whiter teeth for your wedding pictures, are going to a job interview or just want to boost your confidence, Zoom laser teeth whitening may give you those results. When your family dentist is also a cosmetic dentist, you can get all your dental treatments in one dental center.

A wide range of New Yorkers believe that having whiter teeth isn’t a luxury, but a real need. And as many as 80 percent of Americans say that the best teeth whitening cost is minimal when compared to the confidence boost they get from improving their appearance. The Consumer Guide to Dentistry reports that teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments performed in the United States.

laser teeth whitening queens ny

Laser teeth whitening doesn’t end just with whiter teeth. The psychological impact that people generally associate with success often comes as a result of teeth whitening. People tend to be friendlier and more accommodating when you have a winning smile. And just as many people may count you out as unsuccessful when you have an unattractive smile.

When you believe that having whiter teeth helps you in business and in love, then it will. If you’ll feel better about yourself with a dazzling laser whitening smile, then call for an appointment with your Queens cosmetic dentistry team at CitiDental.

Why Choose Laser Whitening?

Teeth lose their whiteness for a variety of reasons. Poor oral habits and damaging lifestyle habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco play a big role. Certain food and drink like turmeric, colas, coffee, tea and red wine stain teeth. While flossing and brushing help to keep the yellow away to a certain extent, to get healthy, white teeth, you need an expert in laser teeth whitening.

Yellow teeth also are due to the aging. Various diseases and some medications can cause your teeth to yellow. Accidents and poor oral hygiene contribute to the off-color. The reason that yellowing occurs primarily is because tooth enamel wears off, leaving dentin, which makes up the second tooth layer, to become predominant. Dentin is darker and gives you that worn, unattractive look. Talk to your dentist about the best teeth whitening and a complete smile makeover.

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