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Every function inside your vehicle is controlled by a switch of some kind. Some switches require a high current capacity, while others run on low voltage

Some kinds of switches used in the automotive industry are .

Rocker switches, Toggle switches , Push-button switches, Rotary switches, Disconnect switches, Ignition switches etc .

Rocker switches comes with a spring-loaded button. They lights up to show the on and off status. Some examples where the rocker switches are used are power door lock switches,Heated seat switches, Power window controls etc-:Toggle switches are manually activated by a lever , like in the basic light switch

Push-button switches operate when activated by push like in Automotive horns .

Momentary push-button switches are often used for a machine’s most important functions, such as “Start” or “Stop .

Rotary switches are operated by rotation and used when multiple positions are needed. Forward and reversing applications also utilize a rotary switch

Disconnect switches cut off the electrical load going from the battery to the rest of the system .

Ignition switches provide reliable circuit control for vehicle ignition. Designed for universal applications and to withstand harsh environments, they come in a broad range of configurations, with metal or plastic housing, sealed or unsealed, and with keys or levers.

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