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Posted by Chaoyang Kim Tae technology limited liability company on 07/23/2019 in Business

Sulfur dioxide


Name Sulfur dioxide

Molecular formula SO2

Molecular weight 64.07

Executive standard  GB/T3637-93


A colorless gas with a spicy asphyxiating odor. The relative density is 2.264 (0 ° C). Melting point - 72.7 ° C. The boiling point is -10 ° C. The vapor pressure was 338.32 kPa and the solubility in water at 338.32 kPa was 8.5% (25 ° C).

Product quality index

Project Quality product

First grade Qualified product

Exterior Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid

Content% 99.97 99.90 99.60

Residue% ≤ 0.010 0.040 0.20

Moisture% ≤0.02 0.06 0.20

Arsenic% ≤ 0.000004

Package 1000Kg cylinder packaging.


Manufacture of inorganic sulfides, organic synthesis, fumigants, insecticides, preservatives for fruits and vegetables, disinfectants for disinfectants, bleaches, paper industry, suede, refrigerants, petroleum refining, magnesium smelting, preservatives, standards Gas, calibration gas, line gauge standard gas.


Soluble in methanol and ethanol; soluble in sulfuric acid, acetic acid, chloroform and ether. Corrosive to metals when wet. It cannot coexist with the following substances: halogen or halogen forms a compound with each other, lithium nitrate, metal acetylide, metal oxide, metal, potassium chlorate, sodium hydride.

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