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Stainless Steel Metal Tribological Coating Machine


Full machine body with high-quality stainless steel304, double-layer cooling water design.

Several sets of newly developed ion arc sources are reasonably equipped to effectively ensure the stability and uniformity of arc source sputtering.

The multi-channel air intake system is adopted to accurately control the gas flow to meet your requirements for a variety of compound films.

Combined with pulse bias technology, the electric particle energy is greatly improved, so as to obtain excellent film adhesion and finish.

The equipment is mainly widely used in: hardware products, glass crafts, ceramic crafts, such as bathroom products, watches and clocks, knives, molds, crystal glass, golf tools, lamps, glasses frames, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, etc.

Process materials: stainless steel, copper, iron, zinc alloy, aluminum, ABS, glass, ceramics, etc.

The surface state of the process materials: bright surface of ordinary electroplating, dumb surface (semi dumb, full dumb), process electroplating wrinkles, brush, raindrops, etc.

The plating colors are: translucent, gold, silver, rose gold, black, green, blue, purple, rainbow, TiN、ZrN、TiAlN、TiC、TiCN、CrN、Al2O3, etc.

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