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Sports Injuries & Sports Medicine


A sports injury can happen whenever you’re active, either playing your favorite sport or just skipping down the sidewalk. When the injury strikes, it’s usually sudden and it may put you out of the game. That’s when you need a top sports injury doctor like Dr. Amr Hosny of New York Pain Care. With offices in Midtown Manhattan, the Financial District and Greenwich Village and in Englewood Cliffs, Cranford, East Brunswick, Paramus and Riverdale, New Jersey, there’s pain relief and treatment for your injury nearby. Call right away for the best care.

What Happens in a Sports Injury?

Any injury you get while being physically active is considered a sports injury. It can happen while you’re playing a sport like basketball, baseball, hockey or soccer. But you can also suffer a sports injury from dancing or taking long walks or running in the park. You can even get injured in the gym if you don’t follow the proper technique.

In the United States, it’s estimated that more than 8.6 million people complain of pain due to a sports injury every year. At least a third of those hurt suffered the injury while actively playing a sport. All sports injuries happen quickly, with either a hit or a wrong turn causing the damage. When you’re hurt in a sports injury, the most likely areas you feel pain involve your joints, such as your:

  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Back, most likely your lower back
  • Hips
  • Knee
  • Foot or ankle
  • Neck and head

Some injuries can serious — like a head injury that requires immediate medical attention. No matter what your injury, seek out the best sports injury doctor, one like Dr. Amr Hosny, to give you a full medical checkup. New York Pain Care has top pain management doctors who specialize in treating sports injuries. These physicians are available for consultation at locations from Manhattan to Bergen County, Morris County and Union County in New Jersey.

Read more: https://www.newyorkpaincare.com/conditions/sports-injuries/

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