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Posted by Ningbo Beilun Sandexing Mould Co., Ltd. on 03/21/2022 in Business

Rice Transplanter Accessories-1100t- Gear Box


All parts can be supplied according to customers' blue prints Various applications such as automobile, power tool, automatic equipments, machinery, etc. We are one of leading manufacturers of precious die casting molds, aluminum alloy die casting for auto parts, two-wheel products, fan products, camera products, light accessories in China. Our products vary from home appliances, office appliances, precise automotive industries, to spare parts of industry hardware and etc.
1. Professional manufacturer
2. Fast delivery, high quality and superior prices 



Precious die casting molds

Bases on clients' drawings

Mould material 

H13 or Dievar


1or 2 or 4 according to parts' structure and volume

Mould design

Based on 2D/3D drawings

Design software

UG, Pro/E, AutoCAD

Tooling life 

50,000 shots or 100,000shots

Delivery time

5weeks~7weeks normally

Product material


Die casting machine

280T,300T, 400T,650T,800T,1100T

Die Casting Machine Type

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Pressure Chamber Structure


Surface treatment

Grinding, Sand blasting, Polishing, Anodizing, Powder coating, wet painting, ED coating


Depends on customers' requirements


IATF 16949:2016

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