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Posted by Barx Nutrition on 02/18/2021 in Other



Product Description:

Barx Nutrition's Premium Hip & Joint Care combines 8 of nature's most powerful ingredients for alleviating your dog's arthritis symptoms and supporting their hips & joints. We took an all-natural approach so dog owners can have a safe and effective alternative to medications that often come with undesirable side effects. Our product is manufactured in the United States at a FDA approved, GMP certified facility to ensure the quality and safety of every bottle!


✔️ Helps Alleviate Your Dog's Joint Pain

✔️ Powerful Anti-Inflammatory to Help Fight Stiffness

✔️ Supports Healthy Joint & Tendon Structure

✔️ Promotes Greater Mobility & Flexibility

✔️ Helps Maintain Healthy Cartilage Levels

✔️ Increases Your Dog's Overall Activity

Active Ingredients:

Glucosamine HCL: A naturally occurring compound in your dog's body that is responsible for maintaining healthy joints and tendons. Learn More

Chondroitin Sulfate: Promotes water retention and elasticity which allows for proper shock absorption. When paired with glucosamine the effectiveness is amplified.

Methylsulfonymethane (MSM): Anti-inflammatory and analgesis (pain killer) which can help alleviate joint pain caused by degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis.

TendoGuard™ Collagen Blend: Proprietary blend of collagen types 1, 2, 5, 10, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin and mucopolysaccarides. It contains natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds to support tendon recovery and maintain mechanical properties of tendon, bone, and joint function.

Organic Turmeric: Powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which helps bring down swelling around joints from arthritis. Learn More

Green-Lipped Mussel: Premium form of omega 3's and is 100's of times more potent then traditional fish oil. It also contains amino acids and minerals making it extraordinary at soothing joints and supporting joint function.

Hyaluronic Acid: Gel like substance that provides lubrication around joints and acts as a shock absorber. It also aides in the growth and development of joint's cartilage and bone. 

Manganese: Trace mineral that is essential to your dog's body. It is responsible for healthy bone growth and ensures the quality of cartilage.

Count Per Bottle:

120 Chewable Tablets

Our bottles contains more chews then most competitors to offer maximum value! 

Chews Flavor:

Delicious Natural Chicken Flavor

In a taste test 85% of dogs ate our chews without any convincing. The remaining 15% took it when mixed with peanut butter, spray cheese, or pill pockets.

Supply Time:

Each bottle lasts the average dog (41-60 pounds) two months which comes to only $19/month. Refer to 'Directions for Use" on our bottle to estimate for your dog's weight.

Return Policy:

We stand behind our products with confidence but realize it doesn't accomplish the desired results for every dog. For this reason, we offer a 90-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee with no extra hassle!

Shipping Policy:

Free 2-4 Business Days Shipping! Enjoy shipping cost savings and get your bottle quickly!

*We only sell to customers within the United States for now.

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