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Porcelain Dental Crowns


Bring back the great look and functionality of a healthy mouth.

Crowns are covers that are placed over teeth to restore their shape, size and strength while boosting their appearance. Once crowns are put into place, they encase the whole visible portion of the tooth above the gum line. We can come to your assistance if you require crown restorations. Schedule an appointment today.

About Restoration Crowns

A dental crown is ideal for covering a tooth that’s badly stained, slightly crooked or been broken in an accident. Crowns are also called tooth caps or dental caps because they sit on top of an existing structure. Because it can save a tooth, a dental cap helps prevent bone loss that often happens if you go too long with missing teeth. And your self-confidence remains intact when you don’t have big gaps in your smile.

What Are Dental Caps Made Of?

You have choices when it comes to what type of dental crown you get. Your dentist knows your dental history as well as your lifestyle preferences and budget restraints, so he can make the best recommendation.

Choices for teeth crowns include:

  • Metal alloys are best used to make back teeth and molars. They aren’t as apparent when you smile. Metals are stronger and can withstand the chewing pressures on your back teeth. The most common metal alloys used to make dental caps for back teeth are platinum, nickel-chromium and gold.
  • Composite resin is your most affordable option. It can be made to match your tooth color, so it makes a good choice for front teeth. Resin crowns are weaker, however, and can fracture and wear down over time.
  • Zirconia or porcelain provides you with the best natural-looking teeth caps. While they may be more expensive, when you consider how long they last and that they don’t wear down or crack under pressure, they make a worthwhile investment.

Why You May Need Dental Cap Tooth Replacements

A dental crown maybe your best alternative. Some common reasons your dentist may recommend a crown include:

  • Repairing cracked or decayed teeth
  • Restoring your appearance when teeth become discolored or worn
  • Providing a secure attachment for a bridge
  • Saving the root and original tooth after root canal therapy
  • Covering implants

Read more about implants for dental crowns: https://precisiondentalnyc.com/dental-crowns/

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