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Porcelain and Zirconia Dental Crowns


When a tooth is broken or chipped, the resulting pain requires immediate attention. Fortunately, Dr. Alex Shalman in Downtown NYC offers a range of cosmetically perfect teeth crowns that protect damaged teeth while restoring your smile to its full radiance. Ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns, and zirconia dental crowns are all options. Dr. Shalman guides your choice to the most appropriate for your situation and budget. When you have tooth pain, call Dr. Shalman for an appointment right away. He has weekend and evening hours, too.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a protective cap that your dentist cements onto a decayed or broken tooth to restore it to its original condition. A color-matched filling may be effective for treating a minor cavity, but it is not sufficient for larger damage to a single tooth. A dental crown, for example, is required after a root canal procedure to cover and protect the tooth from further decay.

Dr. Alex Shalman is a family dentist who is also an excellent cosmetic dentist in Lower Manhattan. He cares about your oral health first and foremost, but he also cares about the appearance of your smile. As a result, he not only provides the best teeth crowns, expertly prepared and placed, but also the most advanced color-matching process available, so your crown blends in with the rest of your teeth. 

Why Do I Need a Crown?

The reason you may need a crown depends on the type of crown you’re getting. A dental cap and the crown of a dental implant are the two types. You may need a dental cap to:

  • Finish off a root canal procedure;
  • Hold together a cracked tooth;
  • Protect a weak tooth with too much damage for just a filling;
  • Reconstruct a broken tooth;
  • Anchor a dental bridge;
  • Hide a discolored tooth;
  • Make small teeth longer;
  • Complete a smile makeover.

The crown for a dental implant, called a post crown, is a whole tooth replacement. The implant is placed in your jaw, stimulating the bone and serving as the foundation for a single tooth implant. Once it’s firmly integrated into the bone, your dentist attaches a full-tooth replacement to the implant’s post or abutment. A dental implant crown can also be used to anchor a bridge or to complete a smile makeover.

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