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Posted by on 05/27/2021 in Other

PolyJuice WATER WASHABLE Resin - White


PolyJuice water washable resin is a unique photopolymer resin; parts printed with our water washable resin can be cleaned simply using water instead of Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or similar solutions.

The use of water as a cleaning agent is a real game changer when it comes to resin 3D printing; eliminating the use of IPA and not only makes the post printing process simpler, cleaner and safer, but also reduces cost and time.

Main advantages of our water washable resin:

Parts can be cleaned up easily using water, no IPA required.
Dry, smooth and non-tacky surface finish. No UV curing necessary.
Exceptionally high detail.
Fast ("Rapid") layer curing times.
Super low odor.
Stronger than standard resins.
Works well with color pigments.

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