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Posted by Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd on 01/12/2022 in Sport

Pilot Brewery System


Pilot Brewery System

General description about turnkey brewing systems:

ZYBREW micro brewery is more used for home breweries or any big brewery using for testing or recipe researching. 

The size range from 50L to 300l, heating method can be electric, steam heating can be for brewhouse that sharing the steam source of commercial or industrial breweries. 

The system can be simple for home brewing or being more professional which fits the requirement of recipe development. 

Features of Turnkey Brewery Equipment:

Simple but perfect solution to guarantee stable beer quality

Easy to move and assembly

Compact system or being installed on platform

Well pre assembled system for easy installation and transportation

Well suits the local authority regulation

Basic configuration of micro brewing systems

Grain handling: hand or electric malt mill

Brewhouse: Two or three vessels, gas, electric or steam heating

Cellar: Fermenter + BBTs or unitank, pre assembled piping line on platform

Cooling: Chiller with glycol reservoir or connected with existing big brewery

CIP: movable pump for either tank cleaning or beer transfer

Optional of microbrewery equipment

Can be with more vessels which has similar configuration as big breweries

Higher automation possible.

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