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Posted by Premier Podiatry NJ on 03/24/2020 in Other



Very often, to gain relief from the pain of foot disorders, your podiatrist must treat you with advanced interventions, such as surgery or injections. But sometimes, all you may need is a much simpler remedy, like a set of custom shoe inserts called orthotics. Orthotics relieve your foot pain, thereby restoring your normal gait and solving your painful foot problem. This technique is especially effective for genetic foot problems, such as flat feet, that usually don’t respond well to other treatments. Visit the orthotic expert in northern New Jersey at Premier Podiatry to get a thorough evaluation and assessment, as well as the exact orthotics you need to relieve your pain and restore proper foot function.

Foot pain can be caused by so many medical conditions and various injuries that you need the trained eye of an experienced podiatrist to accurately diagnose and treat the pain. Because your feet undergo daily wear and tear, any number of things can cause toe pain , heel pain or ankle pain. For example:

Fortunately, many types of foot problems can be relieved by orthotics — which are custom-made shoe inserts that provide support and stability. For some people, orthotics also relieve pain in the hip, knee or lower back, as well. You can find off-the-shelf orthotics in some pharmacies and shoe stores, but there’s a big difference in the quality and effectiveness of orthotics sold over-the-counter and the custom orthotics that are specially designed for your foot by a qualified podiatrist.

Dr. Velimir Petkov at Premier Podiatry is one of the only providers in the Clifton, NJ area who offers same-day orthotics. When you have foot or leg discomfort evaluated by Dr. Petkov, he conducts a thorough examination of your feet, legs and ankles. If he determines custom orthotics would be beneficial for you, the exam includes the use of a cutting-edge computer system that takes precise digital measurements of your foot.

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