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Teeth straightening isn’t just for kids anymore, and adults who want to straighten their teeth are demanding more socially appealing ways than a mouth full of metal braces. The dental industry has responded with clear braces and other methods that allow kids and adults alike to pursue orthodontic treatment without the metal. Ask your cosmetic dentist at Dental Associates of Morris County about your choices for adult orthodontics.

When you think of orthodontics, you probably picture a teen with a full set of metal braces. That’s how it used to be, but it’s not that way anymore. Orthodontics, and adult orthodontics in particular, work in more discreet ways. People who are getting their teeth straightened are more difficult to spot these days. And there are many alternatives to metal braces.

As a growing number of adults can attest, people of any age can opt for orthodontic treatment. It’s not a showstopper anymore. Clear braces and Invisalign clear aligner trays allow you to straighten your teeth unobtrusively.

Who Needs Braces or Other Orthodontic Treatment?

It’s true that adolescent children make the best orthodontic patients. Not because they’ll put up with metal braces, but because their bones and teeth are still growing and forming. That means that it takes less pressure to move their teeth into the correct position. Adults can still get orthodontic treatment, but it may take longer — up to two years — for the final results to show. But it’s worth it.

Adults who want straighter teeth may have had braces when they were younger. They may have never liked their smile, and now they’re in a position to do something about it. There are lots of reasons for New Jersey adults to want to pursue teeth straightening. Adults, though, have to balance responsibilities with the personal desire for straight teeth.

You have to have good dental health to qualify for orthodontic treatment. Your gums and teeth must be free of disease and other issues. If you need any restorative dental work — such a tooth extraction or a root canal, it has to be done before you can get braces or straightening trays. Otherwise, anyone with crooked or maladjusted teeth can get orthodontic treatment.

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