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New Medicine Services (NMS)


The New Medicine Service (NMS), which was the fourth Advanced Service to be added to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework, started on October 1, 2011, making it one of the most recent additions to the framework.

The service offers support to individuals with long-term conditions who have recently been prescribed a medicine in order to assist in improving medication adherence. Initially, the service will concentrate on specific patient groups and conditions.

Since it was first made available to patients in October 2011, when it was first introduced, the NMS, more than 90% of community pharmacies in England have made it available to their customers.

The Department of Health (DH) commissioned researchers at the University of Nottingham to lead an academic evaluation of the service. The evaluation was to investigate both the clinical and economic benefits of the service. This was done so that the decision regarding the longer-term commissioning could be informed. The findings from the evaluation were published in August 2014 and were overwhelmingly positive. The researchers came to the conclusion that the NMS should be continued because it delivered better patient outcomes at a reduced cost to the NHS. As a result of this, NHS England came to the resolute conclusion that they would keep commissioning the service.

PSNC and NHS Employers envisioned that the successful implementation of NMS would result in the following positive outcomes: an increase in patient adherence, which will generally lead to better health outcomes; an increase in patient engagement with their condition and medicines, supporting patients in making decisions about their treatment and self-management; a reduction in medicines wastage; a reduction in hospital admissions due to adverse events caused by medicines; a lead to an increased Yellow Card reporting of adverse reactions to medicines by patients.

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