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Posted by Fr33 Earth (Free Earth) on 02/05/2018 in Other

Molten Red - Black Ash Molten Red & Black Ash


For those days when you need a Red Bull in your coffee, plus a packet of Nerds for the sugar hit and that’s just to get your eyes to open.

For the days when getting out of bed requires a crane, a slide and a series of cold showers.

Oh what you wouldn’t give for one of those gadgets that brushes your teeth, does your hair and gets you dressed!

It’s these kinds of days that you need Molten Red & Black Ash to get you powering through. With these on your feet you can tackle crocodiles in your pool, side step dive bombing magpies and even take on lava spewing volcanoes*!

*Natural rubber is not made to withstand intense heat from volcanic eruptions so to preserve your precious, amazing Fr33 Earth thongs please remove from your feet and hug them tight as you run!

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3/17 Cook St, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

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