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Posted by Monica Tadros, MD, FACS on 02/18/2020 in Other

Love your Lips / Lip Augmentation


Lip enhancement is one of the easiest and most dramatic procedures available to patients. It has also grown into becoming one of the most popular requests thanks to social influences and the media highlighting plump pouts. Beautiful lips are central to our appearance, attractiveness, and youthfulness. The appropriate sized lips help to restore balance and symmetry.

Most women and even some men have no idea how much they can benefit from lip enhancement. Dr. Tadros has pioneered the field of cosmetic surgery in NJ including a new technique in lip shaping, “Love Your Lips” that sculpts your natural pucker just right the way so you will LOVE them.

Sometimes that means bigger, and sometimes it just means better!  Her technique ranges from soft and lovely reshaping of your lips to a luscious, fuller lip with more definition and curves that balances the rest of your features. Lip injections are typically the most common options and preferred method.

There is a wide variety of injectables on the market which are clinically proven to sustain safe, effective and long-lasting results. These non-invasive techniques rely on substances, usually composed of hyaluronic-acid and dissolvable suture materials require no recovery or downtime, just natural-looking supple lips.

And if you want to impress in photos, lips make headlines!

A Revolutionary Approach to Lip Augmentation

Kylie Jenner has everyone talking! There has been extremely widespread initiative with young ladies who are swooning over her fuller lips. Although we understand their desires to keep up with the “trends”, we want out patients to look and feel their best with a customized treatment and realistic expectations.

Our revolutionary approach to lip enhancement is the key!

Read more: https://drmonicatadros.com/procedures/non-surgical-cosmetics/lip-augmentation/

 To consult with the best Board Certified Facial & Plastic surgeons or to schedule an appointment with the top END doctors in NYC & NJ, please contact one of our locations. We have two convenient locations in both New York and New Jersey. Our office located Park Avenue in Manhattan can be reached at +1 (212) 532-4590 and you can contact our Bergen County office in Englewood, NJ by number +1 (201) 408-5430.

Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

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