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Posted by Steadfast Nutrition on 06/01/2023 in Sport

Incredible Isolate


Incredible Isolate is a chocolate flavoured pure whey protein isolate. This low carbs and fat formulation contains superior quality whey protein isolate along with taurine and digestive enzyme, for instant muscle recovery of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Each 30 g serving sachet of Incredible Isolate provides:

Whey Protein Isolate 25 g

Essential Amino Acids 11.4 g

Branched Chain Amino Acids 5.4 g

Taurine 30 mg

Digestive Enzyme 

Chocolate Flavour 

Why Incredible Isolate? 

Incredible Isolate contains fast releasing whey protein isolate. When consumed after an intense exercise session, amino acids present in whey are quickly released into the body which is rapidly absorbed by our muscles. This uptake of amino acids prevents muscles from further getting damaged and stimulates new muscle synthesis. 

Complete recuperation is essential for performing at your best during training sessions or contests every day. Athletic performance may be hampered by tired and aching muscles. All nine of the essential amino acids, which are found in Amazing Isolate and each of which is necessary for the synthesis of new muscles, are present. Taurine is a unique component of Amazing Isolate. Our body uses a lot of oxygen when we workout hard, and as a result, a lot of free radicals are created as a byproduct. Free radicals must be eliminated since they damage our healthy cells. Strong antioxidant taurine stabilises and changes some cytotoxic chemicals into stable ones. It minimises oxidative stress and scavenges these free radicals.

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