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Hardware Fasteners And Fittings


Automotive fasteners are a collection of products that are used in automotive and vehicle assembly. They are usually designed for specific makes/models of vehicles

Companies during this industry manufacture hardware (including metal hinges, handles, keys, and locks), fasteners (including metal nuts, bolts, screws, and rivets), or precision turned components; and have interaction in precision turning services .

Bolts can are available a good range of various sizes and shapes, but the essential production process generally remains an equivalent. It starts with cold forging steel wire into the proper shape, followed by heat treating to enhance strength and surface treating to enhance durability, before being packed for shipment. However, for more advanced bolt designs, the assembly process can expand by variety of additional steps

Vehicle fittings are an integral part of the vehicle modification process and are rendered to aid in the proper fit and placement of all controls relative to the client's driving position and abilities.

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