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Posted by Community Care Pharmacy on 10/09/2022 in Family

Generic Temovate cream 0.05 over the counter


Temovate is a well-known medication that aids in the prevention and treatment of a variety of skin diseases. From itching to minor burns, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and a variety of other skin conditions. The gel is utilized on a global basis, and it is currently available over the counter in faster and safer settings. Clobetasol, the main component in Temovate cream, works quickly to relieve most acute symptoms, lowering tension on the skin's surface as well as discomfort or itching, depending on the type of skin issues you have. 

However, because Temovate cream is a very potent and extremely effective corticosteroid, it is more than necessary to obtain medical advice before purchasing and using it.

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