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G110-11N | Multipurpose CO2 and O2 Analyzer w/ RH/T Probe


The Viasensor G110-01N Multipurpose CO2 Analyzer (0-100%), O2 (0-100%), and gas temperature provides accurate readings in multiple applications,and is made for the usage in the food and brewing industries. Also used in medical, IVF-clinic, research and pharmaceutical settings, is the leading supplier and servicer of Viasensor G110-11N Gas Analyzers and when it comes to CO2 & O2 Analyzer G110-11N is the market leader. If you consider co2 analyzer g110 viasensor has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements, providing the user with a fast, simple to use analyzer.
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Features and Benefits

  • CO2 0-100% (G1.8 RH/T PROBE)
  • O2 0-100%
  • Options for:
    • Dual temperature probes 0-50°C;
    • Data storage and download
    • Humidity Sensor 0-100%
  • Improved accuracy on CO2 readings
  • Quick verification of CO2 levels
  • Time saving with dual temperature probes
  • Large data storage and user friendly software and download
  • Easy to read, large, well lit display
  • Built in gas moisture removal


  • Food Processing
  • Research
  • Brewing
  • Medical

Part Numbers

  • G110-11N

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  • Hard case
  • Spare water filters (pack of 10)
  • Battery charger
  • Pressure stepdown regulator and tubing for calibration gas
  • 5mm Temperature probe
  • 100mm Temperature probe
  • Software to manage your G100, G110, G150, G200 and G210 analyzers
  • Spare Sample tube and filter
All models include battery charger, sample tube kit and operating manual

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