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Floating fish feed production line


Flowchart of floating fish feed production line

Step 1,It is crushing stage to ensure the raw materials to be crushed for extruder machine and have a nice performance of the final extrusion feed pellet.

Step 2,It is mixing stage. In this process, mixer machine is used for crushed raw materials mixing. 

Step 3,it is extruding stage.It is the key process part of the total fish feed production line, as the pellet machine can ensures that quality of the fish feed pellet.Each bite of a pellet made by our pellet mill will have the same quality because the machine adopt high technology standard.

Step 4,this is drying stage,Our pellet dryer is a continuous convective belt dryer. Pellets formed through the extruder are stacked in layers on a wire mesh or perforated plate belt conveyor and conveyed continuously through drying chambers,the drying air is passed repeatedly through the products layer during this process,until pellets have the optimum moisture content before leaving the dryer.

Step 5, this is flavoring stage,The oil spray machine is use to spray oil onto the surface of the feed pellet.First the smell can attract the fish to eat the pellet.

Step 6,this is cooling stage,The cooler is adopting the counter-flow cooling principle,it can reduce the high temperature and moisture content,for large capacity fish feed production line,this is an necessary machine.For small capacity,the pellet can cool naturally.

Step 7, this is packing stage,after cooling process,the pellets will be bagged or stored according to your need and requirement.The packing process is effectively handled by our Auto Packing Machine.the finished feed is weighed by the computer and then pneumatically discharge into the bags.Weighed bags would then transported on the belt conveyor ,it can send packed pellet warehouse. 

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