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Fish feed pellet mill


With Zeno brand fish feed pellet mill, you can produce all kinds of extruded pet foods, such as cat,dog ,bird,fish etc.

1.Feeding System

Installed in the main machine, which feeds materials spirally, and the quantity can be adjusted. This system includes engine, screw, blender and machine shelf. The blending wing is used to prevent roller empty although the materials are inside. The speed should be better if the materials are neither accumulated nor stop.

2.Extruding System

The main parts of single screw extrusion system is screws and knots. Two screws revolve left , inter mesh and run in the same direction.In the course of working, screws scrape the sticky materials each other and push forward. Screws are connected by the couplings and constitute a whole concentric screws. Connection is with good interchangeability, easy to be Assembled and Disassembled.

3.Cutting System

Includes engine, shelf, cutter and transmitting system. The shelf is fixed on the head of the molds; and turns and cuts the materials motivated by the belt wheel, the speed of which should be subject to the type of products.

4.Lubricating system

Lubricating system is composed of gear pump, oil tank and oil route. Motor drives the gear pump to lubricate and cool all the parts of gear box. Oil pump is installed with the filter.

5.Driving system

Driving starts from main motor and put through belt pulley and gear box. it is divided to two same direction output shafts. Gear Z24 and Z50 mesh each other and belong to triangle driving system. Two matching Z24 gears carry the torque and radial force coming from the screws.

6.Heating system

It is divided three working areas from the barrel, the barrel outside is heated by the pressure changing areas so that he can control the status of the materials.

water-cooling system, and it has a good temperature stability and then to ensure product quality stability.

7.Controlling system

The machines are controlled centrally, including mixer, screw conveyor, conditioner, feeder, oil pump, cutting, screws, heating and elevator and so on. It is equipped with the automatic protect device and indication instrument.

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