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Feather meal machine


Feather meal machine use high temperature and pressure and high shear, feathers in the puffing instantly by high temperature 160 ℃ and a certain catalyst, So that the feathers in the decompression of a hole in the hole when the destruction of keratin protein firm spatial structure, disulfide bond breakage. Keratin protein fibers into smaller protein subunits and linear arrangement of the peptide chain group, easy to digestion and absorption by animals. Extrusion is the beginning of the new technology at home and abroad, its advantages are less equipment, low investment, greatly reduce processing costs, amino acid damage less, high digestibility, the production process without environmental pollution.

Features of feather meal machine 

1. It adopted automatic raw wool feeding device and unique raw wool advancing structure can truly achieve high output, reduce the labor intensity of operators and reduce production costs. Energy saving and environmental protection.

2. The structure is novel, and the main shaft screw is a combined structure, which can be adjusted according to different materials, so that one machine has multiple functions and is easy to maintain and use.

3. The screw sleeve adopts inlaid alloy wear-resistant steel bar structure, which is easy to adjust and has a longer life.

4. The main components such as the screw are made of alloy materials (manganese, chromium, molybdenum, titanium), which can effectively reduce the oxidation corrosion and wear of the components under high temperature and high pressure, and make the life longer

5. The automatic temperature control device makes the heat more effective.

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