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Posted by Jiangsu XCH Biomedical Technology Co.,Ltd. on 10/19/2021 in Sport

Electric thermostatic heat treatment hot air lab drying oven


Electric thermostatic heat treatment hot air lab drying oven

   Electric thermostatic heat treatment air drying oven,best sample drying oven, is produced by advanced laser and numerical control processing equipment. It is used for drying, baking, waxing and sterilization in mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutions. 

Key Features:
High Quality
 The box body is made of mirror stainless steel argon arc welding, and the box body is made of high-quality steel plate, which is beautiful and novel in appearance. Using a new type of synthetic silicon sealing strip, it can run at high temperature for a long time, has a long service life, and is easy to replace.
Improve temperature uniformity
 The hot air circulation system is composed of a fan that can continuously operate at high temperatures and a suitable air duct to improve the uniformity of the temperature in the working room.

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