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EcoTough PETG 2.0 - Black - 1.75mm - 1KG


You've never printed PETG like this before...

 EcoTough PETG 2.0 is the latest advancement in the search for a PLA alternative. It combines the benefits of PLA printing, with the chemical and heat resistance of PETG and the toughness of nylon!   What makes this PETG different than conventional PETG materials? 

  • Prints just like PLA, same temperature range, speed and general settings.
  • Significantly tougher than both PLA and standard PETG. In fact, it behaves more like a nylon, but with the printing ease of PLA.
  • Does not have the common issues of PETG printing like blobs, excessive oozing, clogging etc.
  • Unlike traditional PETG, our 2.0 version actually works great for printing small details.
  • No enclosure needed.
  • Works on all FDM printers. If you can print PLA, you can print this PETG.
  • Ideal for anyone who wants to print tough nylon like parts but with the ease of printing of PLA.

Please note: PETG 2.0 is softer and has more flex compared to tradition PETG. This makes it a tougher material that is able to absorb more impact and repeated bending, however this also means that 3d printed parts that are very thin will be more pliable.

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