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Posted by Zeno Pellet Machine on 05/23/2021 in Business

Dog food production line


About dog food production line https://www.zenopelletmachine.com/product/pet-food-production-line/

* Precise control of process parameters and automation to ensure optimized granule quality: gelatinization, expansion, texture and consistent quality. These quality criteria can be achieved because screws ensure homogeneous processing and positive pumping. The processing of the viscous paste does not depend on the friction between the screws and the barrel. The embedded automatic temperature control and adjustment systems, the modular screw configurations and screw speeds are easily programmed and contribute to the line’s high performance.

* Intelligent feed production line : recipe management (recording, access, supervision), process management (start/stop), installed sensors, control and maintenance. Advanced line automation contributes to lower operating costs and facilitates consistent nominal production.

* Creative shapes and finishing through the use of special dies to create innovative shapes and differently-textured products (co-extruded)Ingredient flexibility to process a wide range of raw materials with high fat content when needed

* Reduced maintenance using standard parts for extrusion and drying equipment, easy access to different machine components

* Capacity of pet food plan: 100 kg/h to 1,000 kg/h  


What we supply

1.) Consultation service before, during,and after sales;

2.) Project planning and design service;

3.) Debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

4.) Management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to the named place by buyer;

5.) Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

6.) New production techniques and formulas;

7.) Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service.

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