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Dental Crowns


Same Day Crowns in New York City

Teeth crowns serve many purposes. They protect teeth that have been damaged by accident or decay. They finalize a dental implant restoration, creating a strong, natural-looking tooth. They make your smile whole again. With today’s technology, you can get crowns on the same day, so you walk out of your dentist’s office with your smile and your teeth restored. Get your dental crown from the professionals at Sohosmile, a cosmetic dental practice that cares about your oral health.

Investing in quality dental work is a decision that can benefit you for decades, especially when you need a dental crown. Aside from its ability to improve your oral health by protecting a vulnerable tooth, a tooth crown restores your smile and promotes a more positive self-image.

Dental crowns are used to cap or cover natural teeth or a dental implant. Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile provides dental crowns to restore your tooth’s functionality and revitalize the appearance of your smile. He achieves these results by returning your tooth to its right size, shape and color so that it blends in with your natural teeth.

The Beauty of Crowns

Today’s dental crowns provide the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship of a custom-fit dental appliance. Each crown is made to your unique specifications, fitting over your tooth or implant like a glove. A crown both strengthens your tooth and adds aesthetic appeal to your smile. Dr. John also may recommend a crown as a means of anchoring a bridge or to save the tooth if there isn’t enough of the tooth left to support a filling.

Porcelain Crowns Replacing Old PFM Crowns by Sohosmile in NYC

You have a couple of available options when it comes to dental crowns. Your dental team in nearby SoHo helps you make a decision on a type of material that best fits your need and your budget — because which crown type you choose has a direct impact on your dental crown cost. The different types of crowns include:

  • eMax, made from a type of ceramic that is very strong and resistant to chipping; it’s one of our favorite materials for back teeth (posterior) crowns
  • All-porcelain, for the closest thing to your real teeth, mostly used on your front (anterior) teeth, since they’re in a low-stress position and are the most aesthetically pleasing
  • Zirconia, made of a strong crown material, used occasionally when the need exists
  • BruxZir, the brand name of crowns made of zirconia
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal, a strong option that’s not as aesthetically pleasing as all-porcelain or eMax crowns, and the porcelain on these crowns chips easier than eMax crowns
  • Gold, while strong and durable, isn’t requested much anymore; it can be used if requested
  • Composite resin and acrylic, made of plastic-like materials that are sometimes used as temporary crowns; they’re not a long-term option

Read more: https://www.sohosmile.com/cosmetic-dentistry/dental-crowns-in-lower-manhattan-downtown-nyc/

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