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Dental Bridge


Dental Bridge / Full Mouth Restoration by Sohosmile in NYC

A bridge can take the place of teeth you’ve lost through a sports injury, car accident or fall. When comparing a dental bridge vs. implant, there are pros and cons to each treatment. If you ask Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile how long a dental bridge lasts, you may be surprised to learn how durable they are with proper treatment. Get the facts before you make a decision. Contact Sohosmilefor an evaluation and expert advice.

A dental bridge is a common solution for tooth loss. When you lose a tooth for any reason — from an injury or from advanced periodontal disease that requires the tooth be extracted — you’re left with an empty space in your mouth. If you do nothing, you run the risk of a skewed bite, as the neighboring teeth may migrate into the empty spot.

By fitting you with a bridge, Dr. John introduces an artificial tooth into your mouth to fill the space. The new tooth keeps the rest of your teeth aligned and your bite sound. You can get a bridge to replace one tooth or a span of consecutive teeth. And you don’t need surgery to fit a bridge between your teeth.

How a Bridge Works

A dental bridge is one or more artificial teeth anchored in place between adjacent real teeth or implants. These teeth, real or implanted, are called the abutment teeth. They act as anchors to secure the bridge. Your dental bridge effectively spans the gap of your missing teeth, from one abutment tooth to the next.

The artificial teeth between the abutment teeth are called pontics. Pontics may be made from porcelain, gold, metal alloys or a combination of materials. Which material your dentist chooses depends on the location of the bridge in your mouth. Near the front of your mouth, the ideal material is porcelain or a similar material that resembles the color and shape of your natural teeth.

Bridging the Gap

Your cosmetic dentist in SoHo uses a numbing anesthetic where your bridge will be. The next step, if your abutment teeth are real, is to re-contour them so they can be fitted with crowns. The crowns anchor the bridge to your mouth. When dental implants secure your bridge, the contouring isn’t necessary because the bridge is fit to the metal posts of your implant.

To re-contour a real abutment tooth, your dentist removes some enamel, slightly filing down your natural tooth so that a crown fits directly onto it. Since this process takes several dental appointments, you’re provided a temporary bridge while your permanent bridge is custom made. Once your permanent bridge is complete, the temporary one is removed before the new one cemented into place.

Read more: https://www.sohosmile.com/cosmetic-dentistry/dental-bridge-lower-manhattan-downtown-nyc/

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