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Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms


Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms are also often referred to as China Magic Mushrooms, and this strain is quite new to the market. It was collected on the Shroomery forum from a mycologist named Agar. Agar received these spores from China in 2007, and the person who sent it (a Chinese mycologist) described the shrooms as “laughing dancing mushrooms”. It was at this point that Agar named the strain the Dancing Tiger although some still refer to it as the Psilocybe Cubensis China since it is the only known strain that has originated from China.

These mushrooms have a history in China that dates back about 8 centuries. It is unsure whether these shrooms are native to China or if they made their way there through trade ships. What we are sure of though, is that the shrooms are growing and thriving in the South West of China.

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