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Posted by Mangum Builders on 05/19/2021 in Other



If we had to describe the Austin vibe in one word, we’d say eclectic. That’s why as a custom home builder in Austin, we’ve made a point to become experts in a wide variety of house styles. Whether you’re inspired by custom ranch homes in Texas, would love a new construction farmhouse or dream of a lakeside Mediterranean villa, we’ve got you covered. 




The wide, open layout of ranch homes in Texas makes them a perfect fit for our Austin sunshine. Whether your ranch is in town or you’re making a home on the range, we’ll build your property just the way you want it.


When you mix the laid-back, vintage feel of classic farmhouse design with the cool tones and sleek lines of modern style, you get a modern farmhouse. If you want a home that reflects the blend of natural beauty and cutting-edge technology that makes our area so unique, an Austin modern farmhouse is a great fit.


A new build farmhouse takes the traditional form of the farm home to even greater heights. With wrap-around porches, wide windows and doors, and spacious communal rooms like the kitchen and living room, the farmhouse is a great style for relaxing and spending time with the whole family.


With so many striking hilltop and lakeside areas around Austin, dramatic Mediterranean style homes are a popular design. Featuring luxurious indoor spaces that flow outdoors onto balconies or courtyards and intricate details like metalwork, tile, and cobblestone, Mediterranean houses always take the wow factor up a notch.


Custom home builders in Central Texas receive many requests for Spanish hacienda homes due to the great fit of this breezy style with our weather. The Spanish hacienda often has a low pitched, barrel tile roof, large windows or balconies, and ornate exterior spaces like a courtyard or backyard edged with a portico.  


Just as the Central Texas landscape varies from the open plains to the Hill Country, contemporary homes come in a variety of shapes. These homes highlight clean lines and open floor plans. Window walls and mixed exteriors like corrugated steel, cedar planks, and stucco make contemporary homes fit right in wherever you choose to build.


French-style homes showcase decorative brick and stone walls with corner quoins, multi-paned windows, and steeply pitched roofs. Though the style has a formal opulence, it also has a cozy side with rich interior colors warmed by wooden finishes. The ornate detail and curved fixtures that bring this style to life require an experienced Austin custom home builder.


Homes in the traditional style combine influences from colonial and revival architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to bring new life to classic forms. These homes often have two or more floors and use elements like wainscotting or crown molding to give the interior a classic feel. 


The Texas modern style was created by adding modern influences to pioneer homes. This style uses open floor plans and natural light to create unique interior and exterior spaces. Texas modern home builders in Austin have an added advantage of being close to the source of the native materials that are often incorporated into this style.  


Victorian-style homes have a distinct exterior that incorporates bay windows, peaked roofs and turrets. This style is often two or more floors and features deep covered porches and tall windows that allow lots of light in. Because it’s highly decorative, the Victorian style has been accused of prioritizing form over function—but this can be overcome with a smart remodel that puts the space to use.  


There are many styles in the historic neighborhoods of Austin that influence modern house builders, from cozy bungalows to Craftsman houses to mid-century modern homes. These beautiful spaces deserve a nuanced renovation and remodeling contractor to conserve their classic forms while lifting them to new heights.

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