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Cupping Therapy


Many people in the western part of the world were first introduced to cupping at the 2016 Olympics when swimmers, including famed Michael Phelps, were spotted with circles on their skin. These circles are the result of using a therapeutic treatment called cupping. Cupping is not new and didn’t just appear at the 2016 Olympics, in fact, Chinese cupping therapy has been around since around 200 to 300 AD when Ge Hong first practiced it to improve Qi. There’s also evidence that it may have been used in Egypt almost two thousand years before in 1550 BC.

Today, cupping, sometimes called suction cup therapy, is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation by boosting blood flow to specific areas of the body. It can be quite relaxing for some and might also be used with cupping massage to get maximum results.

How Does Cupping Treatment Work

Cupping treatment is done by placing a cup directly onto the skin, either the cup is heated in some manner, or it’s pumped to create suction. The cups are left in place for a few minutes to pull the skin, fascia, and muscles apart. It’s almost the opposite of most physical therapy massage techniques which use compression to push soft tissue together, instead cupping uses suction as a pulling method.

Cupping is non-invasive and only leaves some bruising and skin irritation after use. Both of these side effects heal fairly quickly on their own. Cupping uses suction to decompress the muscles and connective tissues which prompts blood flow to the area. This kickstarts the body’s own healing methods. Interestingly, cupping results are most like deep tissue massage, but in reverse. You may hear it referred to as massage cupping therapy.

Read more: https://www.physicaltherapistsnyc.com/physical-therapy-techniques/cupping-therapy/

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