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Posted by Monica Tadros, MD, FACS on 02/18/2020 in Other

Chin Implant


Chin augmentation is a surgical technique that is used to achieve facial harmony in patients that have a weak chin. This is commonly associated with a large nose, excess fat or skin laxity under the chin region. Achieving facial harmony is characterized by creating balance and symmetry in the overall appearance of the face.  Augmentation of the chin with an implant can provide a more chiseled, sculpted appearance to the facial structure. Chin implantation is commonly combined with cheek implants that add or improve volume and provide more distinct facial contours, leaving you with a defined, youthful appearance.

A strong, prominent chin has an implication of power and dominance as it distinctively represents masculine beauty, while an undefined or receding chin may result in individuals viewing you as timid and demure. This procedure can improve projection of the chin, create a better equilibrium and contribute to the overall aesthetic when complemented with other facial features.

What May Be Achieved With Facial Implants Like The Chin?

  • Defined facial structure
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore underdeveloped balance and symmetry to overall facial aesthetic

Chin Implant In Depth

Our Philosophy on Chin Augmentation

Facial harmony is not an exact science.  There are many factors to consider when selecting a patient specific procedure and appropriate technique. Changes in the facial framework can be very dramatic and rewarding when executed correctly to the patients needs. Englewood plastic surgeon Dr. Tadros advocates an approach in achieving a very natural appearance with chin augmentation that requires a three-dimensional evaluation. She cautions on over-sizing chin implants which can result in the chin looking far too big on frontal view.

Dr. Tadros sizes patients based on frontal view first which consists of balancing out the forehead, cheeks, and chin in relation to the patient’s height and build.  Next, she evaluates the nose in relation to the new chin position in the profile view. There are times where an appropriately sized chin implant can make a larger nose look balanced and symmetrical. However, there are cases where a smaller nose will suit the facial structure best to create balance for a perfect chin.  A recessed chin, for example, may cause a nose to appear overly large. A more prominent chin often enhances the overall attractiveness of the face, giving off the impression of confidence, leadership qualities, capability, and personality.

Read more: https://drmonicatadros.com/procedures/cosmetic-facial-plastic/chin-implant/ 

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