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Cambodian Magic Mushrooms


ambodian mushrooms are a potent strain of magic mushrooms that come from Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Angkor Wat is a very holy place in Cambodia, and literally translates to “city of temples.” John W. Allen, a North America ethnomycologist, discovered the Cambodian mushrooms strain at the famous Angkor Wat temple.

MICRO DOSING: This magic mushroom strain is highly potent and therefore must be taken in doses of 0.5 grams or less. The effects of Cambodian mushrooms can help improve your mood, outlook on life, and creativity.SPIRITUAL USE: Cambodian magic mushrooms provide a very visual and spiritual high, which makes them an excellent shroom for meditation. It is not a coincidence that these mushrooms grow alongside Cambodian Buddhist Monks, who are some of the world’s most enlightened beings.RECREATIONAL: Because Cambodian cubensis are so potent, this makes them perfect for recreational use. Their potency and visual effects will have you surfing the friendly magic mushroom seas! If you want to have a strong trip with Cambodian cubensis, then you should take at least 3 grams.

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