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 The Peacock Box’s organic night cream enhances the skin moisture and promotes anti-aging benefits as well as fades away wrinkles and scars. Our face Moisturizer is completely free from Parabens, SLS & Formaldehydes. The inclusion of shea butter soothes and conditions your face skin texture as well as nourishes skin with its high content of vitamins and fatty acids. Beeswax word as humectant and protects skin against environmental damages. The high content of Vitamin C found in Kakadu; fights with acne-causing bacteria on the face. Grapefruit extraction makes your skin radiant by treating dehydrated skin; due to the presence of an antioxidant called Beta-Carotene. Macadamia serves anti-aging benefits without clogging the skin pores. Cranberry found in this moisturizing cream improves skin elasticity, because of the presence of vitamin C that helps in collagen production.

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