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Assessment Development Services


Acadecraft Assessment Development Services

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To make both ends meet in the process of getting many students interested in the domain of STEM education, the STEM system has done plenty to keep scientific curiosity alive in a time when our entire culture runs politically adrift.

ur Experts at Acadecraft make sure that our services are in accordance with the standards and assessments of STEM and NGSS. After serving many clients, we can say that our team of Experts and their work will always be proven authentic and meet all requirements.

By keeping the STEM and NGSS curriculum in mind, and after understanding the agenda of both, we deliver academic practice items with comprehensible and interdisciplinary concepts for our customers.

Technology Enhancement Item Development


Technology Enhancement is an essential part of both academia and culture. Technology Enhancement offers insight into the current standpoint of scientific awareness in the predominant culture

Our team at Acadecraft makes sure that we only develop the best technologically enhanced items. These products include Q&As, true or false, MCQs, short answers and lengthy, well constructed answers.

The team of experts at Acadecraft is capable of writing and delivering quality Technology Enhancement services for our customers.

Talent Assessment & Development


In today’s world, the value of recognizing true talent is a lot. Since there simply aren’t that many talented individuals anymore, it is imperative to have an eye for those who deserve to touch the stars.

Acadecraft provides excellent talent assessment services. Our team of experts is industrious and strong-willed. Our Talent Assessment services never seize to bring about the right outcomes.

Psychometric Assessments


sychometric Analysis and Assessments are used to evaluate the mental & the cognitive state of a person. The Psychometric analysis is used when a person is being evaluated in personal or professional circumstances.

Acadecraft creates Psychometric tests which include Reasoning Tests, Logical Reasoning, Emotional Intelligence and The Big 5 Trait Balance tests.

4 I Assessment Services

(Item Creation, Cloning, Alignment and Review)


Our services, namely Item Creation, Cloning, Alignment and Review, are the ones which we employ to check out all of the ways in which the content could be faulty.

At Acadecraft, we make sure that our services always carry the mark of quality and fulfillment. That way, we feel as though we have really made a change in someone’s life for it to matter.

Item Banking


Acadecraft delivers a wide range of items, which come together in our Item Banking Services. Our Item Banking Services contain a large pool of questionnaires and assessments. These Item Banks are categorized on the basis of their subject type. Order the Item Bank which fits your required category today!

K12 Assessment Development


K-12 means from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Our K12 Assessment Development Services work against any form of irrelevant or plagiarist content matter. We take our job to deliver quality content to customers very seriously.

Our expertise will also review items for language, accuracy and deliver error free items in time.

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