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Posted by Zeno Pellet Machine on 05/18/2021 in Business

Animal feed pellet machine


ZNKL series feed pellet machine adopts advanced technology and has the advantages of low investment, simple operation, easy maintenance, and high pelleting rate. Users can choose grinding discs with different apertures to produce particles of different sizes according to their own needs, or choose grinding discs with different compression ratios according to their own materials to make feed pellets suitable for different livestock.

Features of feed pellet machine https://www.zenopelletmachine.com/

1.The press roller and grinding disc are made of selected chromium-vanadium steel, which is quenched at high temperature

2.Motor coupling, butt joint, easy installation

3.Adjust the distance between the press roller and the grinding disc. When making particles, be sure to keep the nuts on both sides balanced and adjusted to avoid damage to the press roller and the grinding disc.

4..The coil is made of new copper wire to ensure the efficient, stable and safe operation of the motor

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