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Posted By PeriodPainTips on 10/31/2022

How to Treat Period Pains Naturally | PeriodPainTips USA


The lower abdomen is where cramps typically occur during menstruation, however the lower back, groin, or upper thighs may also be affected. Typically, menstrual cramps are most painful at the start of a period and get better over the following days.

 Many home remedies can treat period pains naturally , including the following:

1. Use heat packs

2. Get in a bath

3. Put magnesium on your skin.

4. Drink chamomile or ginger herbal teas

5. Take painkillers 

6. Recognize your uterus is a muscle, and it's gonna cramp.

7. Stop smoking

8. Invest in a period pain tens machine

9. Go shopping for your supplies

10. Exercise

11. Get a massage


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