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Posted By HIR INFOTECH on 09/07/2020

Do you need a few numbers of contact data from Xing ? scraping can help you collect thousands of contact data of professionals.


#Xing is an online social #networking site for business professionals. The main objective of Xing is to assist users to find jobs or contact other business experts. The platform contains the contact information of millions of professionals worldwide. You can access and collect the #data of any #business professional registered on Xing. Except you need a very few numbers of contact details, using Xing scraping would help you to aggregate thousands of contact details of professionals within a very short time.

We Can Extract the Following Data Fields From Xing Website:

- Job Title, job description, job type, job URL, job location, job rating by employees, job reviews, keywords, company, industry, date posted.

- Company name, company description, company address, company location and address, company telephone/contact number, company website and email, company URLs.

- People’s names, people’s details, people’s experience, people’s URLs, people’s designation, people’s address and contact info, interests, profile link, occupation, qualifications, etc.

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