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A real-time location intelligence and analytics platform for everyone!


Lystloc is a simple and user-friendly real-time location-based field employee tracking application that is primarily used to monitor the daily tasks and activities of on-field employees. The Lystloc app is completely used for tracking location-based information, on-site attendance, work management, data analysis, and so on.

Lystloc was built entirely on cutting-edge and API-integrated technologies to provide speed, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness. Strong and technically powerful data insights are available for deriving reports for management purposes.


Some of the key features in Lystloc include:

· Geo-Fenced Location-based Attendance

Employees can mark their attendance from anywhere using a single touch authentication. Employees can mark attendance only when they are in the vicinity of the assigned location, and only if the Admin has enabled this feature for the users.

· Real-time Location Tracking

The ability to collect complete information about the on-field employee's current precise location and assign meetings based on the availability of nearby clients. Real-time knowledge of the employee's current meeting location with customers is possible.

· Comprehensive Timeline Management

Employee attendance time with location, meeting notes entered, check-in/out time, and waiting time in chronological order with time-stamp are all available.

· Check-in/out Reminder

The check-in/check-out time of on-field employees from the customers' meeting location can be tracked. If users leave the check-in location without checking out, they are immediately reminded to do so.

· Distance Travelled

The total distance traveled by employees in a day can be calculated in-app between login and logout times. Additionally, learn the start and end times of employees traveling from one location to another. The company can use this feature to calculate daily fuel allowances for each employee.

· Task Management

The ability to list out the daily tasks that on-field employees must complete in a day. Using this feature, sales managers can also be informed of on-time check-in/out at the task location, as well as the task status and meeting notes.

· Meeting Notes

This option is used to collect necessary meeting-related information. For example, which customer is being met by employees during check-in, customer-related information, and much more. Furthermore, employees can easily update the meeting's end result information as soon as it is completed, i.e. they can type in the text box during the check-out time. Meeting notes can be tailored to the requirements and needs of the sales managers.

· Lystdata

Lystdata is an all-in-one detailed data insight service offered by Lystloc, which is built with strong and technically powerful data insights software. Creating real-time reports for organizations to aid in payroll processing, employee performance evaluation, agility, and other tasks.

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