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Introducing a platform that is going to disrupt and normalize remote working for software developers in a work-from anywhere world

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Introducing a platform that is going to disrupt and normalize remote working for software developers in a work-from anywhere world
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While debating the Future of work, Work from anywhere philosophy cannot be ignored and is becoming the new normal for the software industry post-covid. XYZDEVS, a remote tech hiring platform startup, is working to disrupt remote hiring and make remote working easier for an increasingly work-from-anywhere world. It wants to be the leading marketplace for the next generation of software developers and digital nomads who want freedom and work-life balance as well.

XYZDEVS is introducing a new way to hire remote developers instantly for any XYZ software technology stack. It is founded by a Serial entrepreneur who has previously been backed by Top VCs and has a track record of successful exits alongside Stanford, YC alumni.

XYZDEVS is an innovative new freelancer marketplace for tech hiring. The platform allows the thriving of remote work as employers can hire different experts such as software developers and coders, among others. "This is an instant way to hire remote software developers for any XYZ software project," said Mike, a Startup founder, who has used the platform.

Rohan, Digital Nomad, saw the platform as one that is going to disrupt and normalize remote working for techies.

How the platform works for the Clients

While recognizing that hiring software professionals is a tough calling, the XYZDEVS representative said that the developer's marketplace is the first of its kind where employers can hire developers for multiple tech stacks instantly for the project to start immediately.

"XYZDEVS has 120+ software stack categories under seven major categories: Frontend JS and CSS frameworks, Backend & Database, Mobile & Gaming, eCommerce and CMS, Cloud services, Blockchain & web3, Ai & Machine learning.Clients can search for services where they can compare prices of developers per day, look at their portfolios, time of engagement, rating, and recommendations. These details help the employer to get the developer who suits their needs. If any questions and clarification need to be asked, the buyer or the employer can send a chat message."

The next step is to hire the selected developer similar to buying a service. The payment is safely secured in an Inbuilt escrow account and is released once the work is marked as completed by both parties. In case of cancellation, Employers can get a refund back with no questions asked.

Software Professionals (SP)

The SP starts with the creation of a service proposal making sure it is captivating for the potential customers to read through. The proposal is submitted to the admin to ensure that it looks good. Once it is approved by Admin, you can get orders from all over the world. SP are advised to perform their very best on every order given to increase the chances of success. The rest of the steps involve delivery, rating the customer, and getting the payment. The platform provides secure and timely payments so that sellers can keep on doing what they like.

Secure payments

To increase trust, the platform has an inbuilt escrow payment system to ensure that money is always secure. Buyers pay for the service in advance by depositing the required amount in the escrow account. The money is only released when the buyer is satisfied. With this system, both parties are assured that they will get their part of the bargain.

Search option

The platform has a search option where buyers and sellers can search for the kind of services they are looking for. The process starts with typing the service needed, and the system will return the results with several options to choose from. The users can get the services they are looking for by browsing the main areas that are provided on the platform. These include the front-end JS and CSS frameworks, backend and database, mobile and gaming, e-commerce and CMS, cloud service, blockchain and Web3, and AI and machine learning.

For more information, visit https://www.xyzdevs.com


XYZDEVS LLC is a freelancer marketplace registered in Wyoming, US. This new platform aspires to be the best remote hiring marketplace for software developers and for any technology stack.

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