Posted by Taizhou Jema Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. on 10/31/2021

Ultrasonic Computer Cutting Machine (Right Angle) JM-2100


Automatic cutting, easy operation. Wide application range, high cutting quality, smooth cutting surface, no loose wire.

special function:
high speed : It can cut 150 pieces per minute. (Take 50mm length as an example).
High precision : Each cut is monitored by a stepping motor to ensure high accuracy of each operation.
Flat cut surface : Using imported high-power and high-efficiency transducers, it can easily cut all kinds of materials of different thicknesses, and the cut surface is flat, without burrs, and no loose wires.
Automatic operation : Just set the parameters you need, such as cutting length, quantity, etc. The rest of the work is done automatically by the computer.
Fault self-check : Cutter seat, no material, once a failure occurs, the system will automatically display on the screen.
Automatic pause: Once the material is used up. The system will automatically stop working.
memory function: Before the switch is turned off, all currently set parameters are automatically stored.

Material can be cut
Various braided belts, Velcro, shoelaces, zippers, dock loading and unloading belts, car seat belts, various leather belt materials, etc.
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