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Trends change rapidly, and adapting them to our uniquely beautiful body shape is not always easy. Our understanding of fashion is that we keep on creating the image we like representing who we are. Everyone likes wearing T-shirts, be it at your friend’s party, or your own family gatherings. T-shirts are currently one of the most widely used clothing among individuals, regardless of men, women and children. Precisely, that is why knowing your body shape and wearing t-shirts accordingly are worth considering. Using the styles you should have in your closet to highlight your favourite features is actually another way of loving yourself. So, do you know your body shape?

Identifying your body

It would have been great if t-shirts came in standard sizes and the sizes are exactly the same every time you buy a specific-sized t-shirt from the stores. Unfortunately, you will find out most of the time that either the t-shirt is a little bigger than your regul t-shirt size or it could be smaller as well. If you know your exact body size, you will figure out if the t-shirt will fit you or not with a single glance! Here are some of the steps,

  • Determine the shape of your body
  • Pay attention to how your chest, shoulder and back are connected
  • Measure the length of your upper body

Please note that body shape is predetermined in many aspects, but can be slightly changed through maintaining a regular diet and exercise. The genes of your body sometimes determine the basic structure of your body and it cannot be changed. However, unless you are overweight, your body shape will not be considered as exaggerated.    

Finding the perfect t-shirt size

The downside of t-shirts is that it is difficult to find a t-shirt that is absolutely suitable for you. In certain cases, choosing the right t-shirt may be very difficult, and it looks like it should be easy, but it is really difficult. Many t-shirts seem to be awkward and too big, some seem exceptionally small. We think it is not difficult for you to find a t-shirt in your exact size. Due to the large differences in regards to the size information, it is difficult to determine which t-shirt size to wear. Before you choose a t-shirt that perfectly suits your body shape, you need to understand your body shape.

  • A person with a rectangular body type seems a bit taller.
  • An oval body type tends to involve a large frame with a softer middle.
  • An inverted triangle body or a trapezoidal body shape is wider on the shoulder.
  • A non-inverted triangle body is wider on the waist.

So, determining your exact body shape does not seem that difficult anymore, right?


We understand that everyone reading this is in search of a t-shirt that suits them. Whether you could not find the perfect t-shirts as they were not in the right size, or because the t-shirt you bought in the past is constantly damaged, losing its shape, the struggle you face is understandable. However, the key to escaping from this struggle is to figure out your body proportions and use the fashion to highlight your best features.

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