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Posted by Powertech pollutioncontrols on 08/13/2020

soldering fume extractor manufacturers


We also manufacture an excellent quality of soldering fume extractor, which is marketed under the brand name of Fumekiller ®. Soldering fume extractor is also a type of pollution control device specially designed to be used where soldering is done. These machines have a suction capacity ranging from 250 CMH to 800 CMH, which is perfect for a wide range of applications. Like all other Fumekiller ® devices, it also works on the same principle of electrostatic filtration to filter and extract the fumes. Fumekiller ® (Soldering Fume Extractor) have a suction capacity of 250 CMH to 8000 CMH which can control all types of hazardous fumes that come out while soldering like dip tinning, wave soldering, etc. A single large-sized unit can be used to control multiple soldering stations.  


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