Posted by Jianyuan Huang on 08/30/2021

Rebirth doll


The doll is one of the important parts of every girl's childhood memory. Playing with a reborn doll at an early age can be helpful in improving social skills. If your daughter loves to play with her dolls and take care of them, a reborn baby is a perfect gift for her.

The benefits, however, are not only limited to girls, but even boys can also benefit from owning a real doll. Children also enjoy playing with dolls and benefit in many ways.

  • 1. Development skills

It is well known that children who play with a real doll improve developmental skills. When your children interact and play with a reborn baby, it allows them to understand them better that develop tolerance, creative thinking, and emotional intelligence.

  • 2. Parenting and caring skills

The children often imitate the way that adults care for their babies, and this requires thinking skills related to the needs of others, while holding and holding realistic babies in their arms, children will practice loving and caring for others.

  • 3. Intellectual skills

Children who play with realistic dolls will learn unlimited important lessons. Reborn dolls are the same as real babies and children will develop and strengthen language skills . You will see how the little ones will talk and behave in the same way as you and will try to build sentences to talk with their dolls. They will also learn many other things about these realistic dolls, for example, recognizing body parts . Your child will also be able to recognize the role of their parents and this will help them develop a better understanding of how to work together.


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