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Posted by jason steve on 11/08/2020

M3 Dental Soft-tissue diode Laser 450nm/980nm blue wavelength


The third generation of mercury is our newly developed intelligent dental diode laser. After a large number of R & D, we have further optimised and upgraded our control system and operating system. It is the most price-competitive product in the soft tissue laser market, and at the same time possesses the super-high quality. Our vision is to make the dental soft tissue laser affordable to all the doctors so that they can enjoy the benefits of new technologies, bring better treatment to patients, and more reputations to their own clinics.


Wavelength        980nm / 810nm

Power                  10 Watt / 7 Watt

Aiming Beam       650nm<5mW

Dimension           210* 160* 150mm

Weight                1.9kg

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